Hello World

Hey y’all,

I realize I haven’t kept this page up to date much, but my trip that I was supposed to take to Haiti in January got cancelled due to problems going on there. Lately, more than normal, Haiti has been a place in need of our prayer. With riots against the government, and a lot of other things going on, Haiti has been a dangerous place. Knowing this, we decided to postpone this trip until everything has calmed down. My hope is that we can still get a trip going this year, but as of right now the missionaries that live in Haiti still have not been back since it got so bad. So basically we are just kind of waiting for everything to calm down. Lord willing, we will get to take a trip this year. I just ask that you all keep Haiti and it’s people in your prayers.

My goal is to go spend a summer there within the next couple years. I love this place with my whole heart and I cannot wait to serve those amazing people with my nursing degree. Only three more semesters!!!

On another note, I think I might use this page for more than just Haiti. Obviously that will be a huge part of it, but I love writing and I enjoy this. So, throughout school (if I have time) I might come on here and just talk about school, how the Lord is working in my life at the moment or MISSIONS ❤ Anything!! SO come on and follow my page so you can follow along with me:)

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